Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Anna Kuznetsova

I love black + white.

These photos remind me of my two week stay in Greece and Turkey. Dodging people, aggressive drivers, and zipping scooters on streets dirty with the trash of neglect and taking in the blaring sounds of locals touting their wares was thrilling. Being in the hustle bustle of a city life different from the plastic cities of America was truly eye-opening and I could say nose-opening as well. It was my first real experience away from home and I'm proud to say that I came back seeing, hearing, and smelling new things. I complained about the heat and the constant walking we had to do but now I look back with nostalgia and appreciation of things foreign.

Model: Anna Kuznetsova
Ph: Unknown


Mimi said...

Didn't really know her before but she's gorgeous.And black white pics are always awesome.

Valentine said...

these are really gorgeous photos! ive always loved black and white shots.. :-)