Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad habits

This blog is not for personal rants but I really have to say that I must quit the bad habits that I have acquired over the years. It snags at my mind whenever I engage myself in the occasional drag with the boy but I've still kept at it the past few years.

One of my other bad habits is my indirectness when asking someone for something that I want (i.e. favors). It drives the boy insane when I mold my conversations into "beat around the bush" dialogue. 

I also have a bad habit of leaving things 1/2 finished. A minor instance of this is nail polish applications. I don't like wasting money by making trips to the salon so I usually groom and polish my own nails. However, there are days when laziness strikes and I end up leaving only one hand painted while the other one goes bare-naked for criticizing eyes to see. 

I'm late to almost everything. I underestimate the time it'll take myself to get out the door and the time it takes for the commute. Driving to school, appointments, get-togethers, church, etc is always an adrenaline rush. weee?

This doesn't fall under the category of bad habits but recycling is my obsession. I can't throw anything recyclable away. It's come to the point where I save my starbucks coffee cups to take home for recycling. I consider myself an environmentalist but I'm sure to others it's plain balderdash. 

Blah there's probably more but I don't want to bore your panties off (Lace or cotton?).


saray said...

I always leave things 1/2 finished.. such a bad habit..

Ida said...

Leaving one hand unpainted? *lol* That should be interesting:)

Jenn said...

Well, we all have shtick. Maybe if you drink more coffee you won't get lazy. But that would just create another bad habit. It's a vicious cycle.

Allure said...

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