Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eugenio Recuenco

Poor trailer trash chica has no companion save for a deranged donkey. At the early calls of dawn, trailer trash chica and deranged donkey venture out in dumpster town looking for overlooked treasure. Treasure that could one day free both from their fiscal misery and into a happily ever after.

Sadly, trailer trash chica had an affinity for vintage goods and would selfishly hide the finds from deranged donkey. Deranged donkey became fed up with the gluttony and left poor chica to fend for herself.

Trailer trash chica did not mind a bit. She loved her vintage junk finds and lived happily ever after by herself in a rundown van behind her parent's shack. What girl would choose a deranged donkey over her beloved obsessions?

Absurd story but I didn't want to post these lovely pictures without some text.


Unwise Pedestrian said...

Haha, the story was funny! And the pics are beautiful

Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures !:)

STEFANIE said...

haha great story & pictures ^-^